The Best thing I did on my Holidays

The best thing I did on the holidays was I went to the Swan Hill show. We got so really cool show bags, I got a Wonka nerds show bag and Max my brother got a Sky lander one. The horses ran super fast and sometimes were going too fast they knock the beams down. The mirror maze was hard but in the end we found our way back.The old cars were all different colours, one had all different coloured spots on it. I had lots of fun a the Swan Hill show and I hope we can go again.


  1. Hi Ava!

    Your Holiday sounds SO FUN! I’m Jealous! I Love the Detail you put into text, it’s very interesting! I only have 1 Question, How long were you at Swan Hill For?

    Happy Blogging!
    -Dannielle 🙂

  2. Hi Ava!
    The swan hill show sounds amazing! Sounds Similar to the Royal Melbourne show!
    I’m sure you had a great time!
    From Iris
    P.S loved your post! Very detailed indeed! ❤️️😍

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