How does the nervous system work?

Have you ever wondered why you move without thinking?
The nervous system does all that it is a system in your body.It is made up of nerves, neurons, your brain, spinal cord and brain stem.

The nervous system starts when you move. Say your you move your hand, the hand neurons send a quick message to your brain to tell your brain to make your hand move. The message can travel so fast they can 200 miles per hour . That’s why if it went any slower we would have to wait a second to move.

After the neurons get to your brain the brain sends an immediate message to where you need the message to move

The brain controls the nervous system, it weighs 3 kilograms. The brain stem is at the bottom of your brain.The brain is the command centre of your body.

The nervous system is a very important part of your body. Make sure you look after it by trying not to get hit in the head with a ball or anything, it will take 500 of you brain cells and when you lose all of them then you won’t be able to think or move.

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