My Favourite Book!

My favourite book is the 26 storey treehouse because it uses lots of humour in it and it really made me laugh. Another reason I love the book is because it doesn’t have all words in it, it has pictures too.

It is about two boys and a girl called Andy, Terry and Jill. Andy loves hanging out with Terry and helping him with all of his machines. Terry loves making things and painting and is a bit silly sometimes. Jill lives on the other side of the forest. She loves animals she’s got two dogs, a goat, three horses, four goldfish, one cow, six rabbits, two guinea pigs, one camel, one donkey and thirteen flying cats.

My favourite part of the book is when Terry feeds his underpants to their man-eating sharks so Jill comes over and has to do an operation on them. Andy is really scared and Terry thinks it’s really cool.


  1. Hi Ava,
    I really like the blog post about your favorite book
    “26 story tree house”. You really made it interesting
    for me by explaining the book really well and keeping
    the book interesting.!!! Great job!!!
    From Sophia

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