The digestive system

Today (9/5/16) we went to a incursion we learn lot’s of exciting things that you would never had imagined you will never believe what will happen next let me tell you more about it.

When we got there we saw lots of unusual things we sat down  and looked all around to see what we were in for we knew we were learning about the digestive system but it looked so urusual, then then a lady called Sally told us what we were going to do.

First she told us about how we get energy and how come it comes differently to plants then to us. After she told us about the mouth some of the things she told us were, what is in our mouth and chemical and physical things in our mouth. ( This can be used all over the body) Then we got a lollie and put it on our tongue, then chew it and swallow it.

She told us of it gets from our mouth to oesophagus, she talt us about peristalsis and if you were wondering what peristalsis is it in your oesophagus helping you to swallow. ( It can be used all over your body)We played a game and it was all about peristalsis we had to get into a group and one of us had to get a stocking and ping pong ball and put it throw and the first team to get all their player to put the ping pong ball throw would get another lollie   

Then she went on to the stomach and liver. She first told us about the  stomach we started off going to a table put a piece of bread in a bag   put a little bit of water into it seal it up and swish it like we were doing peristasis. Then we went to the floor and Sally showed us the bilo by using vinegar and oil, did you know that if you put vinegar and oil together the oil will float on top. But when she added the mustard in it and mixed it around it would look like boil and the mustard helped the oil and everything was together even the oil.

We got back to the table and were asked to add two spoons of oats and milo to the bread and water it looked like it had just come out of the small intestine, grosh! After we were told to add more water but not to much, then use peristalsis again and yes use our hand, but not really putting our hands in it just squishing up the bag. Then get a cup and cleaning towel and pour it into the cleaning towel and squeeze it into the cup and whatever was left of it as the waste which we all know what that is don’t we! Then that was the end of our incursion.

I learn lots of things at the incursion and got grossed out as well but it was fun the most favourite thing about the inclusion was doing the peristalsis  race.  I hope you learn lots about the digestive system.                            

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