Our Excursion to the botanical gardens and federation square

On the 15th of August we went to the botanical gardens and federation square to learn about Indigenous Australian culture. I was really excited when we got there because I was going to learn about their culture. We learnt about what the Indigenous Australians eat. They eat nuts and berries and roast them over the fire. We learnt how the Indigenous Australians painted. They painted on rocks.Then we went to some mats and learnt all about what the Indigenous Australians used to hunt for food and how they protect themselves. Then we hopped on the bus to go to Federation square. When we got there we were greeted by two Indigenous Australians named Steve and John. We were taken by Steve and headed off to look at a timeline of Australian pictures. He talked all about what happened and when it happened. Then we went to the yarra river. Steve talked about the yarra river to us and said that along time ago you could see to the bottom of the river until the Europeans came and started polluting it. When we were walking back we got to try some sugar that bugs make. I tried some and it was very sweet. We went back and started looking at the Indigenous Australians weapons and how possum skin has so many uses. It keeps them warm at night, it can wrap up the baby and it is waterproof. So when it gets wet you could just bang it on a log or tree and it would be dry in a couple of minutes. The Europeans thought this was silly so they gave them blankets instead, but many Indigenous Australians died without possum skin. I looked at lots of weapons and before I knew it, it was time to leave. We jumped on the bus and drove back to school. I learnt lots of things at the botanical gardens and federation square and had lots of fun.
The most interesting thing I learnt today was that Indigenous AUstralians use possum skin for warmth. I want to learn more about the boomerang and how it works. Did you know that to use a boomerang you must carve it lots of times. If it lands far right of you, you carve some off the top and if it lands next to you, you must carve a bit more, until it lands right in front of you.

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